Trainer Development Conference

The Trainer Development Conference (TDC) is open to public defender trainers and criminal defense clinicians. The TDC introduces SPDTC’s cutting edge techniques to professionals who educate existing or future lawyers on how to best represent indigent clients. SPDTC will host the following events and activities annually: Trainer Development Conference, three Training Development Committee meetings, and regular conference calls with Training Development Committee members.

Synopses of the tracks offered for public defender trainers and criminal defense clinicians are listed below:

 Public Defender Brochure
Criminal Defense Clinicians Brochure

Track #1: Curriculum Development

This track offers an overview of the entire core curriculum explaining how over two dozen sessions operate together to promote the core programmatic values. Through this track, participants will learn the substance of each session, as well as, techniques used to reinforce these lessons through workshops and exercises.

Track #2: Facilitation and Coaching

This track focuses on facilitating (or “coaching”) in workshops. Using parts of the larger curriculum, participants will focus more deeply on teaching methodology. Track #1 must be completed before participating in this track.

“SPDTC’s unique model has provided innovative, intuitive and inventive ways to train and empower my students who want to become public defenders and make a positive contribution to the Criminal Justice system. The conference boasts quality practitioners and clinicians and allows for reflections on critical legal pedagogy. I highly recommend this conference for anyone seeking new approaches to improve the quality of their teaching and their students’ learning.”

– Dehlia Umunna, Clinical Instructor at the Criminal Justice Institute of Harvard Law School
and former public defender at the Public Defender Service for the District of Columbia.